hand painting and gilding

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Hand Painting and Gilding in Oxford

We specialise in traditional hand painted signs of an exceptional quality. Our hand painted signs are sure to make your business or home stand out, by portraying an image that just isn’t possible with a digitally printed sign. Below is a selection of our previous hand painted work, ranging from large retail fascias, to menu boards and interior display signs, to house signs.

We only use high quality materials to ensure that your sign is exactly as you envisaged it – if not better. Hand painted signs really are unique works of art, and they are a very cost-effective form of advertising for several reasons. A bright and fresh paint job can be very eye-catching and strongly signifies a top quality brand due to the great deal of care and attention to detail that has been put into the sign. To top this off, hand painted signs do not degrade as quickly as vinyl signs so will last for years and years – they can easily be refreshed whereas other signs must be entirely replaced.

We also specialise in gilding work, the highly skilled art of applying real gold leaf to a surface. Gilding signifies quality and offers a striking visual experience. Our work is carried out to an excellent standard. We gild store facades, walls and friezes, and honours boards, as well as furniture and interiors.