Decorative Art – Restoration & Conservation

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Do you have any vintage or contemporary artworks? They may have hung on your walls, been stored in your loft or just sitting around your home. You might even have some undiscovered antique masterpieces! Whatever it may be, we can help you to bring it back to life.

We can offer restoration of paintings, classical pencil drawings, classical chalk drawings and classical pastel drawings. We also gild picture frames, clocks, weathervanes or any other items that are in need of gilded restoration. We are able to restore items that have fire damage, foxing marks, deteriorated lining to the canvas or any other damage that may have occurred to your cherished pieces.

Our restoration and conservation team are highly skilled individuals, who have worked on numerous heritage restoration projects in the UK and abroad. We have the ability to restore your cherished pieces back to how they looked in their prime and are more than happy to authenticate your pieces.